How Diesel Heaters Can Enhance Safety on the Road

When truckers hit the road with many miles in front of them, safety is the number one concern. After all, it’s impossible to deliver on-time or ahead of schedule if an issue crops up related to safety that could sideline travel for hours or even days. To make sure rigs are safe and functional, truckers go through a lot of trouble inspecting their rides before they hit the road. Beyond basic maintenance and weight checks, experienced drivers plan for the conditions that may lie ahead. For those who happen to travel through cold regions in the bitterest times of winter, diesel heaters are likely onboard along with other safety gear, such as communications devices, supplies, flares and more.

While Espar heaters are often thought of as simply comfort and convenience devices, these add-on tools can also enhance on road safety in a number of ways. Drivers who have these independently operating heaters added into their engine compartments can benefit from added safety in these scenarios:

  • When road delays occur – Should travel delays, such as Interstate accidents, hold up a rig on its way to deliver, an auxiliary diesel heater can be flipped on to provide warmth during the wait. This can save not only fuel, but can prove to be a lifesaver should the wait be especially long. After all, it’s just not a good idea to keep a truck idling for hours on end.
  • Should breakdowns occur – There is nothing worse than being stranded with a non-functional truck in the middle of winter with no available heat. An Espar heater prevents this from happening by operating independently of the rig’s main engine. Even if the truck won’t turn over to start, the diesel heater can keep its driver safe and warm until help arrives.
  • In preventing wear and tear –Diesel heater models also prevent some of the wear and tear that rigs can face over the miles. By functioning independently of the engine, they save small parts from undo use. This, in turn, can help prevent unexpected breakdowns, along with routine maintenance.

Safety is a top priority for any trucker getting ready to hit the road for a long-distance haul. If cold weather is anticipated, a diesel heater is an excellent addition to bring along for the ride. These auxiliary machines provide safe, reliable heat when the temperatures drop while sparing the main rig from having to do all the work.

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