(Vomiting bug)

This is a distinct image of a defective bacteria known as Norovirus.  In this image particularly, it shows how the virus is multiplying and getting stronger by the second.  As stated above, many people refer this is as the vomiting bug due to it's strong and enforcing effects on people.

Outbreak Concerning the Norovirus

As seen in this image, charts and records of 2009-2012 show how the Norovirus has attacked in different ways.  For example, the nonfoodborne and the foodborne.

The Norovirus is getting out
of hand!

This fast spreading sickness has hit millions all around the world.  There are 21 million cases each year, and that concluding with 800 deaths.

Ways to be affected

There are numerous ways to be affected by the Norovirus.  For instance, the Noroviruses are highly contagious.  One way can be by consuming contaminated food or drink into the body.   

What exactly is Norovirus?

***In this image, it shows when the virus is starting to affect the human body is dangerous ways.  

This illness tends to spread easily, and is often called stomach flu or viral gastroenteritis.

 Those who are affected can spread it directly to other people, or can contaminate foods or drinks they might have prepared for others.

Not to mention, the virus can survive on surfaces that have been contaminated with the virus or be spread through contact with an infected person.

The incubation period for this bacteria is 12-48 hours, and can last up to 1-3 days.

One main that anyone could follow on how to prevent this illness would be washing your hands when coming out of the bathroom or before preparing food.

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