Inventions of the Industrial



Alexander Graham Bell

The telephone was a very important invention during the Industrial Revolution because it allowed people to share information quickly and efficiently compared to previously when they would have to talk or write letters. The telephone is still a very important invention today because it allows us to use the internet and share information even faster than before.   

The Lightbulb-1879

Thomas Edison

The Lightbulb was a very significant invention during the Industrial Revolution. It was the first time when electricity was able to be controlled in a safe way after being very fatal during testing on animals. The lightbulb was a perfect stepping-stone to the uses of light today in big cities and County fairs.  

First Diesel Engine-1892

Rudolf Diesel

The Diesel Engine was also very important due to the fact that it was able to power machinery and lead to many advances in transportation. The diesel engine led to the first production cars only 30 years later. Rudolf Diesel designed this so it would power anything with moving parts. The Diesel Engine was much more efficient than the steam engine.

First Airplane-1903

Orville and Wilbur Wright

Orville and Wilbur Wright were crazy thinking they could fly. Flying has always been a dream to men. Leonardo Da Vinci with his Renaissance wings were a fail but an attempt of a new traveling revolution. The Wilbur brothers made this possible and helped produce the fastest way of travel today.

Electric Motor-1888

Nikola Tesla the inventor of the electric motor and many other important inventions during this period invented the electric motor. This was significant because it boosted production involving manufacturing. It also was used in the production for cars and clothing. Today they are making Tesla Cars powered on Alternating Current electricity which is what Nikola used.

Nikola Tesla


Robert Fulton

The Steamboat was important because it allowed regular passage on the rivers of the USA. Robert Fulton was the inventor but could have not made it possible if it wasn't for James Wyatt with the steam engine in 1755. Steamboats were used when either having to travel down the river or for a social gathering on the river.

Sewing Machine-1844

Elias Howe

The Sewing Machine was invented by Elias Howe when she decided of a faster way of producing clothing. The Sewing machine is still in use today. Thanks to Elias Howe she made the quantity of clothing and other household items cheaper due to production being high.

Cotton Gin-1793

Eli Witney

The Cotton Gin was very crucial to Southern Plantations and Northern factories. In the South during the time of slavery Cotton Gin doubled the production and efficiency of cotton production. However, in the North kids would work in the factories to separate cotton and it would be made into clothing.

Ford Cars-1908 & 1913

Henry Ford

The car is the most used transportation today. Henry Ford made the first car able to be used by everyone. In 1908 the first cars were made not by Ford but by expensive manufacturing companies in Europe. The Ford was the car that was affordable for most people.

Transatlantic Cable-1858

Cyrus Field

The Transatlantic cable was used to communicate with the other western countries. It was a long cable linking Newfoundland to Ireland. After this was successfully built it was then used to communicate to Asia and Africa. It was three miles deep in the water and took 16.5 hours to reach Europe compared to three months by ship.

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