My trip to Cancun

The time I went to Cancun was one of my favorite vacations I ever had. I got to spend the time a lot of my family and play games and do a lot of activities. Such as, swimming with sharks and rays, bungee jumping, and hanging out by the pool. The one flaw of the trip was this one kid. Every where we went he would follow us there. There was this one when my cousins and I went bungee jumping early in the morning on the beach, and out of no where the kid runs towards us. The day he went back home was the happiest because he was so annoying. Another thing was swimming in this part of the ocean that was shallow, warm and very clear. The boat captain warned us of bull sharks, but we knew that there weren't any. The part that scared me the most was when one of the boat people threw me into the water from about seven high, and I didn't know whether or not at first if the water was cold or had fish in it. When I smacked face first into the water I thought I drowned, but then I floated back up to the surface and was alive and excited. THat was my favorite vacation ever.

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