The Missing Volleyball Jersey

By Sydney C. and Charley D.

The Crime

An Alabama volleyball player, Marie, has recently had her jersey stolen during practice in the Foster Auditorium locker room on September 6. She is the server of the team. Without her jersey, she will not be able to participate in the up coming game of Texas A&M. She realized after practice, that she had left her locker unlocked, and it was now slightly left open. She is locker number 3, the same number as her jersey. She knows that someone had planned for this to happen, because everyone knows that your jersey number is the same as her locker number. She is determined to find her jersey, because she wants to be able to participate in the next game. Her teammates are also determined to find it, because they know that they wouldn't be able to win the game without her.

The Puzzling Question

Who stole Marie's jersey and where is it being kept?

Meet The Detectives

Charley- "Hi, I am the setter of the Alabama volleyball team, and I am close friends with Marie. I am an ok player, and I know that Marie is much better. I know that Marie would have to be able to participate in the game if we wanted to win, because Marie is the only player on the team that always serves it over the net. I want to become a volleyball coach one day, after I have finished college. I am a great detective because I am great at discovering clues that can always help with the crime. I need to be on the lookout for more clues to help Marie solve the mystery!"

Sydney- "Hey, I am the hitter of the Alabama volleyball team and I am very good friends with Marie. I am a great hitter, but I know I can't win without Marie's great serves. I am getting a law degree and I am very prepared to solve this mystery. I am very good at identifying clues. The red herrings is the part I need to be looking out for the most. I am very excited about the Texas A&M game and I am ready to use all of my strengths in the game. I just need to use all of my strength for finding out where Marie's jersey is so we can win the game!"

Suspect #1: Lexi
By: Charley

Lexi is the team captain of Texas A&M's volleyball team. She has long blond hair, dark brown eyes, and is very tall. She loves to take charge of the team. She is very obnoxious and selfish, and her team knows that, too. She also brags a lot because she is the head of Texas A&M's volleyball team.

"I am aware that if Marie doesn't have her jersey in time for the Alabama vs. Texas A&M volleyball game, she will be disqualified for the game. I did not take the jersey, because I was at a game all day with my team on September 6. You can even ask my coach. I will be as mad as a bear that has just been threatened if I am blamed for this mess."

We talked to the coach, and she said that Lexi was not at practice that day. Lexi must be telling a lie as big as Planet Mars to say that she was at practice that day. This is a very suspicious suspect, because her alibi appears to be a lie.

Suspect #2: Camille
By: Sydney

Camille is a backup server for the Alabama volleyball team. She has brown eyes and short blond hair. She acts just like a snake and is as quick as a cheetah. Camille is very fragile and is like a cloud crying and sad all the time blocking out the good things. She was the server and captain of the team until Marie came to the team. She is very jealous of Marie and this is a definite motive for her. Camille hasn't served for any game since Marie tried out for the team two years ago.

"Marie and I are not very good friends, and we have a quiet rivalry between each other. I know that I would be the server if Marie could not play in the game, and the Texas A&M game would be a great way to further my volleyball career. I couldn't have taken the jersey because I left practice early at 4:30."

We have many suspicions about this statement, she could have stolen the jersey before leaving, and the Foster Auditorium closes at 4 with practice ending at 3:30. After questioning Camille about our suspicions, she seemed very tense and said she needed to go home so she won't be late for her family dinner. Camille is one of the top suspects to look out for.

Suspect #3: Elana
By: Charley

Elana, the janitor, is a poor lady who cleans the girls locker room at Foster Auditorium every evening once practice is over. She is big like an elephant and looks like one too. She has grey hair that she pulls back everyday and drives a beat up van.

"I have been working and cleaning for Fosters Auditorium for 8 years, but this year is my first year to clean the girls locker room after every practice. I live in the Tannehille State Park."

In fact, she compliments Marie on her jersey almost every day after they have practice.

"I am the only janitor that cleans the girls locker room. It could not have possibly been me, because I realized once I had arrived at Foster Auditorium, I had left my keys to the locker room at home, so I had to go back home to get them. I only clean the girls locker room during practice, so when I arrived practice was over."

This makes her even more suspicious for committing the crime because she is the only one who would have been able to get into the girls locker room. I have a feeling that Alana is up to something based on the research I have done, and the fact that she is the only janitor with access to the girls locker room.

Suspect #4: Coach Amy
By: Sydney

Coach Amy was last season's volleyball coach. She is a big cloud filled with rain. Sometimes she smells like a skunk and then has her actions to add onto it. She has every reason to be jealous of the team for doing so good this year. Amy has tried to do these kind of things before and has the mind and abilities to do so. Amy was one of the most strict, selfish, and rich coaches you could ever meet. She wanted everything perfect and if we lost, one team member would be ejected from the team. She was a horrible coach and Charley and I definitely know it. Our new coach is Coach Anne, she is very sweet and was not a choice of Amy's. I know Amy is jealous and sometimes that can get the best of you.

"I couldn't have taken the jersey because I was at the Ole Miss game for my team, Arkansas State on September 6."

We investigated the schedule and found that they were playing in Tennessee and she could have easily snuck into the gym and taken the jersey. The auditorium takes an I.D. to enter and her old I.D. was still active to use. I have a great suspicion for her knowing how selfish and cruel her personality is.

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