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This is where you will make money from covert gawkr review, the IBI (Impulse Buyer
Income) stream. The people who enter their email on the opt in page, will ALL see this page. Just as I showed you in the example video, people will come to your TPM
and first see the opt in page, which is where they enter their name and
email in exchange for your free gift. This gets them to subscribe to your
email list.
The next thing they see after they enter their email address, is the One
Time Offer!
This is where you make your first stream of income!

The way it works is as follows.
A certain percentage of people who see your One Time Offer, will BUY IT!
Here’s some math.
Let’s say 1 00 people opt into your Opt in page.
Those 1 00 people will all see your one time offer before they reach the
download page to access their free gift.
The one time offer has converted well for me and I usually see a 20%
conversion rate!
That means 20 out of every 1 00 people who see it, will buy!
But let’s keep numbers LOW. I don’t like to get people's hopes high
including my own. I like to be realistic about things while expecting the best
possible covert gawkr review.

In my example, the one time offer costs $7.
If we keep numbers LOW, then let’s say only 5 out of every 1 00 people buy
the one time offer.
That’s 5 x $7 which is a total of $35.
So for every 1 00 people who opt into your opt in page you’ll be making $35.
We can break this down even further and divide that by the 1 00
subscribers, meaning for each subscriber, you make 0.35 cents.

Ok I don’t want to confuse you here! But I hope you understand the
concept now of the FIRST income stream, the IBI (Impulse buyer income)
This is money you’ll make straight away once you activate your TPM.
Stream 2 ­ DPI ­ Download Page Income
Ok so the next stream is the Download Page Income stream.
Here’s how you make money from Stream 2.
Remember the funnel we went through in the above example? Let me
quickly recap…
Your TPM consists of:
­ Opt in page
­ One time offer
­ Download page
The first income stream comes from the one time offer (OTO) as I just
showed you.
The second stream, the one we’re talking about now comes from the
Download page.
Here’s what the download page looks like:
Step 1 ­ Disguised Affiliate Offer

Here’s how covert gawkr review works:

In the above example we had 1 00 people opt in and then see the OTO.
Out of those 1 00 people, 5 of them bought the OTO for $7 making us $35
Now what about the rest of them who didn’t buy? And even the ones who
DID buy...can we get them to buy more things from us and make us more
When those 1 00 people reach the download page, we’re not only going to
give them the download we promised to them, but we’re also going to give
them additional offers which we sell through our affiliate link!

As you can see in the example I showed you above, there are 3 steps on
the download page, which will make YOU money!
Step 1 ­ watch this bonus video
Step 2 ­ Claim your unadvertised bonuses
Step 3 ­ Access Download.
Step 1 and 2 are where we make more money, from Stream 2!
Let’s break down each step in detail.

Step 1 ­ Watch bonus video.
This is positioned as a ‘bonus’, BUT it’s actually a disguised affiliate offer
which will make us money.
The reason we position it as a bonus is so it lowers their guards and gets
them to CLICK on it. That’s all we want to do, get the CLICK.
The more CLICKS we get to an affiliate link, the more chance of making
sales we have.
The trick here though is to make sure that the affiliate offer you are
promoting, has a video on the sales page. Better yet would be a video only
sales page, or VSL as its called (Video sales letter).
In the example, i am promoting this offer:

And i recommend you promote that too.
You can sign up for an affiliate link by going here:
You’ll need to grab a screenshot of the video and place it in the step 1
section of your download page so they think its an actual video! And when
they click on it, it will take them to the sales page through your affiliate link.
Let’s do some math.
So in the example we had 1 00 visitors come to the opt in page.
5 out of 1 00 bought the OTO (one time offer) and you made $35
Now those same 1 00 people will come to the download page.
Let's say another 5 out of 1 00 buy the product you are promoting on step 1 .
On average, that product I am promoting makes me $1 5 per sale overall as
there are upsells which you get paid on too.
So that’s 5 x $1 5 which is $75.
So far you’ve now made $75 + $35 which is $1 05!
$1 05 from just the first 2 income streams. Aren’t you excited!?
Ok let’s move on to the third income stream.

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