brighton beach memoirs

Took over in  The Great Depression

the characters:Eugene Jerome,Blanche,and Kate

the book arthur is Neil Simon

Stans Apology Letter

You should not fire me because i do my job correctly than the others employes. i respect people and treat my customers right, i know whats going on here than anyone here.

i really need this job because i get things right and more better here. this job is so important to me, and i need it because my family , and my kids too. they always ask for food and i say yes because the job you have given me.

Things are complicated in my life boss my Mr Stan who's nice to everyone. if you give me this job i swear i wont screw it up.because we all deserve a second chance because this is America the home of the eagle and a great nation.

Sincerely: Daniel Esparza

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