All of a sudden everything begins to spin. I close my eyes to escape from the black that is creeping into the edge of my vision. Everything comes to a halt. I slowly open my eyes, and turn the handle to the door. I take a deep breath of that 50's air. What a great time to be alive.

I look down and notice my new outfit. My oxfords are black and white, and I have on a pearl necklace and a white button-up. My hair has strangely been transformed into a pin-curl masterpeice with lots of little whips and curls. Man, I can rock this poodle skirt. I stumble out into the middle of the parking lot of a 50's diner. There are so many cool cars! Oh, and let's not forget the boys driving them! Some of them look at me and I just keep walking. I have to figure out why I am here before I can get a boyfriend! As I walk toward the door to the diner, one boy in particular gets up and opens the door for me. That was a pleasant suprise. We make eye contact for a split second and I thank him.

The second I enter the room, the atmosphere hits me in the face. Bill Haley's Rock Around the Clock was blasting from the record player. Couples were dancing all around, and I had to dodge them just to get to a chair. Laughter surrounds me. The smell of burgers wafted from behind the counter. After I finally get a seat, a girl comes over and says hi. She asks where I am from and I tell her as honestly as I can. Her name is Lydia. Lydia takes me over to a booth and as I take a sip of my rootbeer float, she asks me tons of questions. I know there isn't any point in making up some kind of story, I'm sure she's one of those people who can see right through made up lies. She thinks for a moment and tells me she may can get me back to 2015. I take her outside to the time machine.

My stomach dropped to my shoes and I panicked. There was no time machine! It was gone! As I stood there in panic, I noticed Lydia running towards a car in the same place. It is a teal De Soto in perfect condition. Then I come back to reality and notice that this is the time machine! It has transformed. We hop in, Lydia riding shotgun. I notice her skirt. It's so pretty, floral designed and flowy. It isn't quite a poodle skirt but it is made the same way. She has in the coolest headband around her hair. I put the key in ignition just as a chorus of whistles can be heard from a nearby group of boys. They are not whistling at me, though. By the way it looks, Lydia is pretty popular around this joint. She just shrugs them off.

I press the gas and everything begins to spin. The black begins to creep into the corners of my eyes again. I am about to pass out and I can feel everything becoming out of focus. Then it all stops. No more car, no more poodle skirts. Lydia an I open our eyes slowly. We are in jeans and a t-shirt. My phone vibrates in my pocket and I check the date. It is March 31, 2015. Lydia stares at me wide-eyed. What have we done now....