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Australia is a country of oceania. Its capital city is canberra.

The country's population in 2011 was about 21.5 million inhabitants.

Rugby is the most popular sport in Australia, existing 3 divisions: a Rugby Union, Australian Rules and Rugby League.Cricket is the second most popular deporte.Golf is the third most practiced.Football or Soccer as it is called, is a secondary sport in Australia.Rowing is widely practiced.

English is the official language of australia and the most used.

The typical dishes of the culture of australia are: Pavlova Chicken grain kangaroo tail soup.

Australia have a lots of beautiful beaches, where you can go and have a good time with your friends and your family.Also have a lots interestins museums and imprtans historical sights.

The hotels there are so beautifull and confortables.

The fauna of Australia presents marsupials and monotremes; in addition to these typical animals already famous, characterized to Australia the extraordinary abundance of poisonous animals, a large part of them deadly to humans.

The most importans cities of Australia are melborune; Canberra, Adelaide,brisbane, cantaloupe and Perth.