Nathan Kraus


March 24, 2015                                                                                                                             Again and Again

After reading the beginning of the book that was picked for me, I realized that there is a subject that is repeated again and again. The main character, Tyler, constantly talks about Bethany Milbury as though she is a goddess. He calls her countless things that express her desirability and how perfect she is. He talks about how Bethany is the hottest girl in the entire school and that she's the girl that every guy wants. This is repeated over and over. Then when he actually starts "dating" Bethany, he constantly talks about how it doesn't make sense that he is with the most popular girl in school. I like how the author keeps doing this. She is trying to express how popular Bethany is so the reader will understand that it doesn't make sense that Tyler and Bethany are together.

March 25, 2015                                                                                                                             Words of the Wiser

During my reading I couldn't help but noticing a talk that Tyler had with his teacher that  would have an effect on him in his life. In the book, Tyler starts to have trouble with his classes. He eventually starts to understand everything, except for his English classes. He constantly tells the reader how he doesn't understand any of the definitions he is supposed to understand. One day, Mr. Salvatore, The English teacher, tells Tyler to see him after class. When he gets to the class, Salvatore helps him with his work and then starts to talk to him. He eventually asks Tyler how he is doing. When Tyler says fine Mr. S responds with "You don't have to lie.....some of us are still convinced you are innocent." Mr. S's wise words that he gave to Tyler to try and cheer him up had a bit of a lasting effect. Mr. S also tells Tyler, "It's unfair that you're being treated this way......We wish we would change that." These encouraging words showed Tyler that at least some people thought he was innocent.

March 26, 2015                                                                                                                             Contrasts and Contradictions

Throughout the course of "Twisted", the main character, Tyler, acts in a way that would overall present a state of general happiness. If not happiness then he is content with his life and how it is unraveling. This mood takes a sudden shift when he gets accused of taking a nude video of Bethany. Suddenly, that hottest girl in school that had a crush on him doesn't want anything to do with him. The most evident change that can be seen in he way Tyler acts is when he starts to think about ways to kill himself. This comes as a huge shock to the reader. He first goes to jump off his school, but soon changes his mind. When he decides to run  away instead of suicide, he finds his father's Beretta in his nightstand. Tyler sits on his floor for many pages in the book with the gun in his mouth asking himself the question, should I pull the trigger? This is something that I can honestly say that I never saw coming.

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