Those Days Are Gone

Gloria Hawkins 4-17-14

I wrote my name in the clouds,

but the wind blew it away.
I wrote my name in the sand,
but the water washed it away.
I wrote your name in my heart,
and forever I thought it would stay
until the day came,
and you cleared all thoughts away.

You broke my heart in two

When you loved another woman while we were together

I knew something was going on but couldn’t put a finger over it

I trusted you with all my heart…..


My heart is trying to heal,
but it can’t on its own,
because I need you to fix it.

I miss your gentle touch,
and your soft kiss,
your smile can make me smile.
And your voice is so soothing,
not hearing it makes me go crazy.

Just you all together,
There is no line of words….
That can explain how I feel about you.
Sometimes the moments feel right,
and want them to last forever.

The way I look at you has changed…

Because I though what’s mine is your and

What’s yours is mine but

It looks like I was sharing with a whole different tribe….

You broke my heart once
then you did it again….

I took you back because I though you changed but

Clearly you stayed the same and
I can’t trust certain people now….
Because of you…..

Not wanting you to leave,
But I’m moving on but very slowly….

But with the help of good friends
I have to hide the fact that I love you
from so many different people…
But I can’t handle not telling you.

I love you the same
sadly but true…
And I can’t be without you….

Wanting to tell you
how I feel….
But finding it hard to breathe around you
you take my breath away when I’m around you
you sweep me right off my feet.

My heart skips a beat….
n my mind it replays
in my heart it lays
in my soul it stays

So I just sit and reminisce on the good days
those days when I and you were together

Even thou the BAD out ways the GOOD

I still LOVED YOU…………..

But in return all get is a goodbye kiss with your eyes open

Feeling lost shattered and broken…….

Something that happen so quickly lasted for months and

Now I can finally let it out in a good way…..

Thanking Mrs. Johnson for this opportunity to let all this left over emotion out

Please I end saying don’t judge we’ve all made mistakes

Some bigger than others….

Love is Pain and Pain is Love

I write my name and the clouds

And the wind will not blow it away

I write my name in the sand

And the water will not wash it away

I write Gods name in my heart

And he comes to not ripped it away but to but bandages over the cuts and bruises you made

To help me love again but in a better way

I wish you the best and your player mentality

Wonder woman won’t be needing to be rescued by you anymore

The PAIN and the Feelings are NOW OFFICLLY GONE

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