Pre-Calculus Polar Graph Project
                        Brian Baik
                  Corrinne Santos


My partner and I tried to create a picture that was unique. We chose not to draw a flower, but instead an owl. The owl consists a variety of polar graphs. We used a circle graph to represent the head of an owl, a lemniscate graph to represent the eyes, and a rose graph to represent the nose.


Brian Baik
Period 2
May 12, 2014
To start off, this was a very “fun” project (by fun I mean the drawing part only). Well first when we were trying to draw the picture we asked ourselves, “Hmm, what should we do?” Then it came to me like the homework that I get every day of the week. We experimented mathematically when we were trying to figure out what to draw. It started out as just a lemniscate; then we added other shapes like a rose and a circle. When we finished, we saw that it kind of looked like an owl so we just kept it as an owl and titled it, “The Owl”. When we were done with desmos and doing the things on tack, we learned something from this project.
While we were completing this assignment we learned thatgraphs can be added together to become a beautiful art. This does not only show that art could be made with math but math is used for everything! From the time of birth to the making of paper, we have been surrounded with numbers. The numbers that counts our fingers and toes to the time of death. This was learned just by making this graph. My partner, however, would put something different for that question.
So then comes the last question; “Did you enjoy working on this assignment? Why or why not?” I do not think most of the people enjoy getting assignments, however, the project was fun in a sense that we got to draw… in high school. The reason is not because it is abnormal, but that many students in this age stresses out from the difficult assignments that teachers give to the students. The good thing about this project is that the project did not stressed us out. Especially since we did not use equations like Pythagorean Theorem, laws of different functions, and so – on. Thank you for giving us a project that is not as stressful asthe other projects.