Don't be a PL Zombie at your next COF!

Be prepared for next week!
AND, add a photo of how you are going to dress for Halloween next week! Be appropriate, please!

Review the COF Schedule for next week here:  COF Oct. 27 - 29 Schedule

Go to your Pathways PL website and read over the "Topic" tab.  Try to fill this in BEFORE your COF.

Your COF time will be all about learning how to make this page relavant and interesting so just do your best on your own then it will be improved by the time your COF is over!

Review you COMPETENCY CHECKLIST - what evidence are you creating, what research are you doing, what acitivites are you doing - to learn about your topic?  Be familiar with these to be able to best fill out your Topic tabs!

Don't let the Zombies get you...