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Interview with Jenna Fox

CT Interviewer- How did you feel when you woke up from the accident?

Jenna- When I woke up from the accident, I felt captured; like I was under control.  I didn't know who to trust at first, because my parents didn't seem to act normal and they were all I had.  They kept saying that all my memories would come back, but the way they said it was questioning and unsure. It was all very strange.

CT Interviewer- Why did you trust Mr Bender even from the beginning?

Jenna- I trusted him because he was very friendly and seemed more normal than my parents at the time.

CT Interviewer- What did it fell like to find out that you are made of Bio Gel?

Jenna- At first it was just completely unbelievable, but then as my parents went on I was still very angry but a little less confused.  I didn't understand why they would even break the law to save me.  I thought that I should have been able to choose if i waned them to save me.

CT Interviewer- Why did you want to find the red skirt so bad?

Jenna- Because It was all I had to remember my friend Kara.  We went to get it when she told me that i had too many blue skirts.  Blue was always my favorite but when I was looking for it, I was sick of blue, I wanted that red skirt.

CT Interviewer- What was the first thing you thought when you heard that Mr. Bender was part of the plan?

Jenna- At first, I felt really tricked because I thought that I could trust Mr. Bender, but now I was questioning him. I was really mad at him until I realized that without him I wouldn't have had anyone to talk to.

CT Interviewer- Why do you think Ethan told you that he almost killed a man?

Jenna- I think it was because he finally knew that he could trust me after I trusted him and told him that I was illegal and almost completely made of Bio Gel.

CT Interviewer- Why do you think your parents told you not to tell anyone, and why did you tell.

Jenna- Because they didn't want to let anyone who would tell the F.S.E.B. know.  I told Ethan because I trusted him and I knew that he wouldn't let the F.S.E.B. know.

CT Interviewer-  How did You handle knowing that your friends died in the accident?

Jenna- I was really sad and I felt like all my chances of  learning more about Kara and Locke were instantly lost.  I also suddenly wanted that red skirt even more, because it was all I had left of them.

CT Interviewer-  What did it feel like to have a scan of all your memories trapped in a box?

Jenna- It kind of made me uncomfortable, especially knowing that Kara and Locke were in there too.  When I closed my eyes, I could hear there voice telling me to hurry.  It made me really want to destroy the boxes.

CT Interviewer-  Did you ever expect that you would live more than two hundred years?

Jenna- No, I was really surprised that I lived more than two hundred years because my parents said that I would live to be two or two hundred years old.

CT Interviewer-  Thank you Jenna for sharing this with California News, we hope to have you again.


Kara Manning

Locke Jenkins

Kara Manning And Locke Jenkins both died in a terrible car accident yesterday.  The third passenger was Jenna Fox who's current situation is unknown. Last we heard she was in a terrible coma that seemed to be long lasting.  Both Locke and Kara where friends with Jenna and the will both be long remembered.

National News

The F.S.E.B has Been forced to remove its restrictions on Bio Gel, because the US Supreme Court has ruled it unconstitutional.  Over 300 people protested in front of the Supreme Court to try to as one protester stated "Keep the lab pets away out of our country".  The trial lasted for three months, ending with the F.S.E.B changing its restrictions from 49% up to 90% Bio Gel making some people unhappy in the US.  On the other hand, there are now more people are begging to be saved in the US.

Weather Corner

Good morning California! As seen on the map below, today you can expect a cloudy sky with occasional showers.  The temperature is going t be about 52 to 54 degrees in L.A. all day and a low of 38 degrees at night.  In lower California, you can look forward to a high of 68 degrees during the day, and at night a low of 41 degrees and a clear sky.

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