The Final Solution
By:Madden Healy


The video below is a video of people explaining what they went through at Auschwitz. The narrator is talking about the things that went on there and how they got through it.

                                                             Living Style

When the Jews lived in a concentration camp it was not all fun and games. In 1940 people lived in old brick barracks these were the first ones every opened. For awhile there was no beds or even furniture. The blocks were designed to hold 700 people. The Jews slept on straw stuffed mattresses and every morning they all had to be stacked up in the corner of the room. On February of 1941 three tiered bunk beds and a dozen or more wardrobes started arriving. Lice and rats were a huge problem for the prisoners, also they had to go around dirty they did not get to wash much.

Gas Chambers

This is the inside of a gas chamber. If you could could not walk to the gas chamber then a truck would come and take you there, if you could walk you would have to march there with everyone else. Before you entered the gas chamber they made you undress in a certain barrack. The S.S men told them that they were just going to the camp but first they had to bath, so everyone thought they were getting undressed to bath but really they were being put into the chamber. After everyone was killed they dragged out the corpses cut off the women's hair and took the jewelry. Then they burned the corpses into little pits and pieces.

  Work For The Prisoners

On March 31, 1942 the WVHA came up with a law saying that prisoners had to work a minimum of 11 hours a day. Labor was one of the means to destroy the prisoners. They worked on building the camp and barracks. The amount of work went with the ration of food that they were going to get that day.

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