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Ms. Berrisford, Exodus, Character

  The main character of the story Exodus is a teenage girl named Mara. She, her family, and many others live on the island of "Wing" which is presumably somewhere in the now sunken United Kingdom. She is a very respectful individual, but also insists on holding on to the past, for instance; while the rest of the islanders have little use for the advanced technology of yore, she keeps and maintains a small virtual reality device called a "Cyber-Wiz" which allows her to explore the ruins of the "Weave". She also longs to remain outside as long as possible during breaks in the months long storms that occur annually. As the storms increase in intensity she begins asking the village elder Tain, who was a young boy when the apocalypse began. He tells her of massive cities constructed to survive such a catastrophe which she confirms by scouring the Weave for information. Of her own initiative she continues research on the topic until she has enough evidence to tell her friends and family. On character that might cause problems for Mara is Gail. Gail is a highly religious friend of Mara's who believes that action should not be taken to avoid the flooding of the island, and rather God will provide a means of escape.

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