Monday Memo

Curriculum Focus


• Revoicing - Teacher repeats some or all of what a student says and then asks the student to verify.

.• Asking students to restate someone else’s reasoning – “Can you repeat what he just said in your own words?”

• Asking students to apply their own reasoning to someone else’s reasoning –“Do you agree or disagree and why?

  • Prompting students for further participation – “Would someone like to add on?
  • • Using wait time - “Take your time…we’ll wait”.

    Whole Class Discussion - should NOT last more than 10/15 minutes.

    • Teacher is a facilitator and guide.

    • Teacher focuses on student thinking and ideas.

    • Provides a space for students to practice so they become confident math thinkers.

    • Teacher does not reject incorrect reasoning, but uses these mishaps as a way to discover

    Math Talk.....Small-Group Discussion

    • Teacher gives a question/problem for a group to discuss.

    • Teacher circulates as groups discuss and doesn't control the discussions but observes and interjects.

    Talk Formats....

    Partner Talk

    • Teacher asks a question and then gives students a short time, perhaps a minute or two at the most, to put their thoughts into words with their nearest neighbor.

    • Initiate by “Turn and talk about this with the person next to you”

    More than Just Talk…

  • Goal is to increase the amount of “High-Quality”classroom talk
  • Not just the AMOUNT of talk
  • Think about it: What’s the purpose of the conversation? What do I want to learn or teach with this conversation?

    • Important Information

      *Thanksgiving Lunch - Please make sure you sit at your assigned table.

      *FSA...ELA component.....3rd grade does not have a text-based writing component. 5th grade MUST given time to practice taking skills online. 3rd-4th MUST be given opportunity to practice responding tot he different types of test items they will encounter on the paper-based test format.

      *Please read the PowerPoint that was sent from Linda Pitts on Nov. 10th.

      Please celebrate the great things you see/hear by using our Wall Wisher. The link is at the bottom of this TACKK. Last week we only had 6 celebrations.

      Check this awesome STEM activity....Way to GO.....Mrs. Lark!!!

      This Week....

      Monday: Kdg- 2nd Dance Practice; Chorus

      Tuesday: MTSS Team B

      Wednesday:  LLT Mtg

      Thursday: Thanksgiving Lunch

      Friday: MTSS Team B; Leader of the Month

      Coming Up...

      Monday, Dec. 1st:   Kdg- 2nd Dance Practice; Chorus; Christmas Tree Lighting (Frank Brown)

      Tuesday, Dec. 2nd: MTSS Team A

      Wednesday, Dec. 3rd:

      Thursday, Dec. 4th:

      Friday, Dec. 5th:   Winter Wonderland 5-7

      Happy Birthday

      Nov. 17th - Becki Reeder, 18th Brooke Clemmons, 25th Jeff Webb & Marcia Pitts


      The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple.                                     S. Gudder

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