Because more people know him than Tim Naida

The question I get asked in life more than anything is, "How are you so good looking?" The second one is, "How did you get the nickname grasshopper?"

Have you ever seen something hilarious and tried to explain it to a friend, only to find that: A. you suck at telling stories or B. it was something that you just had to be there for the moment? That's what it's like for me to tell the story of how I got the nickname grasshopper. It all started with the phone call below.

Who the hell would call into a radio just to say that? To this day I have no idea. But it got replayed a million times because it was so weird. Then one day, Rizz asked the question: Who are these people? What do they do?

Now, interning on the Really Big Show means doing 20 things at once. At any given point I was screening calls, writing a blog, screening e-mails, printing e-mails for Rizz (important to the story) looking for stories, updating the website, coming up with trivia and just about anything else you can think of. At times, actually listening to the show became a secondary task.

So as Rizz jokingly called for grasshopper to go get him e-mails, guess who only heard half of that and jumped up to grab Rizz some e-mails? That's right. I took about 3 steps before he burst out laugh. From that moment on I was Grasshopper.

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