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5 Apps that can make your life easier

1st App - Maskwacis Cree App

This app is a free download from the Itunes store

It uses the Language of the Maskwacis Cree Located on the Samson First Nation a Plains Cree Tribe from the Treaty Six territory. This app provides the learner with the language tools, culture notes search and credits. It holds 20 categories with pronounciation, body parts, body parts phrases, commands, eating foods, food phrases, food, house, household, buildings, traditional clothing, everyday commands, time & directions, numbers, animals, berries, trees, colors, greetings and kinship. It also has quizzes that support learning to pronounce the correct sounds for each word, phrase and basic conversation start ups.

I would use this in the classroom for students to reference the Cree syllabics and the basic Cree conversation start ups. Use for assessments for learning on quizzes so students can access practice word pronounciation for oral exams.

Website: Itunes Apps

A sweet picture to share with you & here is what you are looking for on the Itunes app store

2nd App - PREZI

This tool allows learners to make a professional presentation of content they would like to share with others or in the classroom. It is free to sign up and is very user friendly when setting up the presentation. The key is having your content ready to describe what your topic is on the subject matter that is going to be discussed. It is a virtual map that takes you to the presentation and into a virtual world.,. (2015). Prezi for Business

Here is a video with a brief overview

3rd App - Aski and Turtle Island

Is a website that teaches Aboriginal Languages in Cree, Dene, English & Michif. The website includes stories for Grades 3 - 5 year olds however can be utilized for all learners to speak their language. The storytelling shares the story in English and translates in Cree, Dene & Michif. It is a great way to support learning languages to all levels of learning and it is fun and interactive with the characters. Teachers can use the stories in the classroom and support the ideas and lessons learned in life with every day situations.

Website: Aski & Turtle Island

4th App - Winksite

Winksite is an excellent W3C mobileOK and .mobi standards-compliant mobile website builder which focuses heavily on the community element of website promotion and social interaction. It’s packed full of mobile-community-type features like forums, chat and polls. Users can use Winksite to create their own mobile portal for communicating with friends, sharing feeds and favorites. Users can also divert all of their texts, emails and Twitter messages to one mobile destination which people can interact with.Read more at


This device can be used in the classroom to support your dashboard with students, specific classes such as Social Studies or Cree. It can be used to provide communication tools with parents, students and other teachers.

5th App - mobiReady

You can’t build a mobile site using mobiReady. What you can do, however, is test your existing site for mobile usability. Enter your URL and press “Go” to get free reports, detailing how well your site displays on mobiles and any potential problem areas. You’re even given information regarding how much people in different parts of the world are charged to view your site.

This app will enable you as an educator to check if the mobile app your using is working effectively for your classroom. It can check if the app is being accessed and preforming the communication tools to your students and fellow educators.



Sharing Technology is Fun and Students appreciate easy to use tools and can explore alternative methods to learning :)

6th App - Screenr

Screenr is a web-based screen recorder that allows the user to take pictures, record their voices and materials to the screen cast and present material via the internet from the web site.

In the classroom students can utilize this tool to support their learning to present subject material via the internet for showcasing their work and educators can use to showcase their work.

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