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The grassland ecosystem

Abiotic           v.s             Biotic   

.temperature                 .grass
.water                                .elephants
.soil                                     .animals
.cloud                                 .plants
.sun/sunlight                .flowers

The elephants is a biotic factor of the grassland ecosystem.

Carrying capacity

Is the food, habitat , water and other  necessities available in the environment.

Resources for my habitat to survive is: water , food , shelter, and space.

populations change over time

my grassland ecosystem would have a increase or decrease it depends on the amount of food the animals have or the limited food the animals have.

limiting factors

are environmental factors the tend to limit population size.                        

examples : water , food , shelter , and space


The pray of the elephant decrease from its limiting factors it can maybe extinct the elephant population because of its limiting factors. predator : tiger

The predator in the grassland habitat is a coyote will eat a prairie dog. but they both will eat insects.

Energy roles

The producer is the plants that make food from the sun.                

                                                      examples :



Energy roles

A herbivore is a animal that eats only plants / producers. 

                                                            examples :



Energy roles :

An omnivore is an animal that eats meat / animals and plants. Examples : Bears and monkeys.

                                                        examples :



Energy Roles :

A carnivore is a animal that only eats meat / other animals.

                                                             examples :



Energy roles

Decomposers is an organism that breaks down dead plants and animal matter. which it makes organic nutrients for the ecosystem.

                                                              examples :



Energy roles

scavengers are animals that eat dead animal that other animals have eaten.



Energy roles

A producer explanation is the exact thing as a producer. It makes energy from the form the sun.


                                                        buffalo grasses

                                                            blue grass

food chains                v.s                  food webs

are organisms that go in a strait                                                     are organisms that don't

line with all the animals that eat                               have a strait line with every organism.

each other .


If we removed one population from the food web. Then the organism that eats that type of animal would starve to death.

The shape of the pyramid

The energy pyramid shows that each feeding level has less energy than the one below it. and it goes from producer , primary consumer , secondary consumer , and tertiary consumer. when you go up the pyramid your getting smaller from your factors.

Why producers are at the of the pyramid

The producers are what start the food chains , food webs , and energy pyramids. If you didn't have those producers then you couldn't have food chains , food webs , and energy pyramids.

Extra Credit

chemical equation for photosynthesis

Carbon dioxide         +           water   >  light (chlorophyll )  >  glucose          +         oxygen

6CO2                                  6H2O                                      C6H12O6                       602


the producers get food from the sun.SUNLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

photosynthesis takes place in the stem.

from one part of the plant to the other.


A tropism is growth or movement of a organism ( usually a plant ) in a response to an environment. examples : sunflowers ( phototropism )

These tropisms help plants to go to the sunlight or away from the sunlight to live. or to respond to there surroundings.


Decomposers are really needed if we didn't have decoposers we would be living in the world of waste. Decomposers are vital because ....they break down dead plant and animal waste. Which makes organic nutrients available to the ecosystems.                                   examples :



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