Real-Estate Apprasial

Sarah S.

9th Grade
May 1, 2014
Mrs. Edwards
Hunt High School

Project Purpose: To become more familiar with a potential career and a college that would allow me to be an appraiser.

Ultimate Goal to be a real-estate appraiser

My ultimate goal is to be a real-estate appraiser. For this career, you inspect properties for quality of construction, condition, and design. they also draw land diagrams, photograph interior and exterior of the property, and measures the house. I might want to pursue this career because I am able to own my own business. I wouldn't have to stress a lot. I also can make as much money as i wish to make. When i first start off training for my licence, i would probably make 40,000 a year. once i get my Appraisal licence, i will probably start making 62,500-90,000. there is not really a salary range for being an appraiser because it depends how much you work. For example, my uncle is an appraiser and he makes 140,000 dollars a year. but i know some people that make probably 55,000 a year. The highest Salary you can probably make for being an appraiser is 180,000. It will take me about 6 years for me to be able to be an appraiser. For four years I would have to get my Bachelor's degree and it will take me two years to get my real-estate appraiser's licences.

College information for E.C.

When I graduate high school, i want to go to East Carolina University. The address is 1001 E 5th St, Greenville, NC 27858. There is two types of tuition. There is tuition for living on campus, and tuition for not living on campus. If you want to live on campus, the tuition is 12,058. If you are not living on campus, it is 3,756. The ratio of undergraduate students to teachers at this college is 18;1. If I was not able to go to E.C.U, there are three other colleges that i can go to. I would probably go to Campbell University, Duke University, or Luisberg College. Luckily, chemistry is not required for my degree or for my college.

high school classes/My Plan B

there are a few classes that i can take that will prepare me for my career as a real estate appraiser. I could take drafting. that class will help me see three denominational which will help me a lot when i have to sketch houses. Math is very helpful because i will have to use addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division for measuring the house. computer classes are also helpful because it will get me familiar with the computer which i will have to be getting on to fill out forms for the houses. If being a real estate appraiser doesn't work out, there are still three other degrees that i can still go into. One degree I would go into is Marine Biology, because i love animals. I would also like to go into the degree of being a music teacher. I already play an instrument and know how to play a few songs on other instruments so that helps me out. The last degree i would probably pick is being an English teacher in other countries. I always wanted to travel and being a teacher in other countries will help me see different cultures and different lifestyles. The best thing that i have learned from this how i can pursue my career and what is the best college to go to. I haven't gave too much thought about my career but this project has helped me from all the trouble in the long run when I have to figure what i want to do at the last minute. I am now organized with my future and I wont live in "the moment".

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