Daily Life of the Woodland Indians

By Sydnie, Marleigh, Jacob, Austin

The Mississippians grew lots of crops. They grew so much food, They didn't have to travel to hunt.

They made jewelry and tools and There were noisy market places where people could bring the things they had made and traded for other things they needed.

The game of called Chunkey stone, Each player thew their spears as close to where the rock stopped , whoever is closer to the stone wins.

With no tree roots to hold back water when it rained, the muddy water could have flooded the village.


1. The Mississippians were skilled at growing crops.

2. The Mississippians traded with other people in distant places.

3. In towns every one worked.

4. After a few hundred years, the people left Cahokia and other Mississippians towns and city's.

5. The Mississippians made pottery shaped like animals.

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