Ways a business can make a differences is;

Recycling paper

Using both sides of paper

switching off electrical devices on standby

cut down emissions

reduce pollution

re-use materials

Pro's and Con's of being Green

Example of real business being environmentally friendly


The giant furniture manufacturer will naturally need to call on the use of vast quantities of timber every year. However, unlike others in the industry, IKEA have been working with sustainable practices for many years now.

Sustainable forestry techniques aside, IKEA were the first major retailer to switch off incandescent lights in its stores and currently only sells energy efficient lighting


Once again, this is another company who come top of many of the 'green lists' that are out there. In 2008 the organisation announced that it would reduce its total emissions by 40% at the end of 2015 and it seems certain to achieve that goal.

Dell also use recycled plastic in their product production process and it will take back any old equipment for free.


Nike has introduced many green measures in recent years but it has worked tirelessly to tackle the difficult issues of ensuring environmentally friendly practises in its supply chain. As a result, it performs stringent checks on carbon and water use and chemical toxicity.

At its headquarters in the Netherlands, underground energy storage is used together with recycled aluminium frames in the construction of the building itself.


Internet giant Yahoo actively looks to encourage its 600 million global users to try all they can to go green and Its own 'green' site is widely acknowledged as the best for finding eco-friendly lifestyle tips.

Yahoo practise what they preach however and its new date centre in Lockport, New York uses 95% less water and 40% less energy overall than the majority of buildings of its type.