Trouble in the Balkans

This past week, on June 28, 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo. The act was carried out by a Serbian terrorist group known as the "Black Hand". Six assassins planned to murder the Archduke, but they missed their first chance. Later, Ferdinand's car took a wrong turn, and was met with one of the assassins, Princip, who took his chance, fatally shooting the Archduke. Austrian citizens have reacted rather mildly, but in Sarajevo, it is an entirely different story.

This action has plunged the region into a violent frenzy. Enraged Austrian citizens are rioting and attacking Serbian residents of the area. Many Austrian officials are executing and imprisoning Serbs. The death toll is climbing, and is currently over 5,000.

Austria-Hungary has given Serbian an ultimatum to surrender, with ten points that must be met to avoid declaration of war. These points have been made intentionally outrageous to provoke conflict. Upon Serbia's expected rejection of the treaty, Austria-Hungary has declared war on Hungary. In response, Russia has mobilized forces in alliance with Serbia. These developments have worried Germany, which has issued a declaration of a "state of danger of war".

We have included a several images showing the state of the battlefield at the current moment.

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