Myth "When Grizzlies Walked Upright"

Dontae Mosley Group 2 Ms. Burwell, 11/15/13


Setting: Little Mount Shasta

Where: Little Mountain Shasta

When: In the beginning

Major Characters: Sky Spirit Chief, Sky Spirit Daughter, and Grizzly Bear (mom)

Minor Character: Grizzly Bear family, Wind Spirit, Grandchildren, and Sky Spirit family

Plot/Problem: The wind spirit blew the sky spirit daughter out of the mountain. She then became apart of the Grizzly Bear family and created a new creature.

In the beginning the spirit God was in the heavens but he didn't like it because the air was brittle and cold. So he decided to come down to earth to live. He marched down the snowy mountain and on his way down he created rivers birds and other animals but the main animal he created was a grizzly bear.

The spirit God brought his family down to live in the mountain where he lit a fire so they could be warm. While they were in the mountain the storm god made the winds very fast and caused a lot of trouble. So the spirit God told his daughter to tell the storm god to keep it down.

The God told the daughter to be careful and not to stick her head out of the mountain, but the daughter didn't listen and she was pulled and she rolled down the hill.

From there the Grizzly bears took her and she was raised by the bears. In the end she created a new creature.

This made the spirit god very upset. The spirit god punished the grizzly bears by making them walk on four legs and to never be able to speak again. The children of his daughter were forced to scatter all around and make it on their own.

Critical Thinking

1. A) They keep his daughter and allow her to make new creatures that he hasn't created.

B) The Chief is a very unforgiving person that shows no mercy.

2. A) He makes them walk on their hands and feet and doesn't allow them to talk ever again.

B) The grandchildren were forced to live alone and scatter all around the the land. Also they could never kill a bear even if it was attacking them.

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