Peyton Manning

Biography of Peyton manning

Peyton Manning was born on 1976 and is still alive today

Facts about Manning

~Won first superbowl in 2007

~Awarded Gatorade player of the year

~Went to superbowl in 2014 but lost to the seahawks

Significant Events

When Manning was playing football he injured/broke his back during a game. Manning is also getting older and older and he doesint know when hes gonna retire. Some of manning teammates doesint like him which causes trouble on the field. Mannings teammates also don't follow the route there supposed to take which messes up the whole play and possibly the game.


~Manning was drafted to the colts in 1998

~He was awarded his first mvp in 2003

~Won his first superbowl on 2007

~Second superbowl

Child Hood

During Mannings child hood he played sports such as football basketball and baseball and it wasint until high school he really started playing. He also had a brother eli manning who plays football right now.

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