What About Me?

By Luke.W

#Whataboutme? My name is luke walker from Liberty Lake, Washington and go to Greenacres Middle School #GMS. I have many hobbies such as lacrosse, golf, drumming, surfing, skiing and more... #KETTNER #TECH22

Liberty Lake Washington


First off I love, #laxfolife or lacrosse if your words I guess but anyways its a great high intensity sport and its been growing in the U.S.A. I play for the SYL Spartians in Spokane and love it we are a great team and one of the best in Spokane.


My Second love the drums! I play the drums for #GMS 8th Grade band and Jazz Band and love it its my favorite Hobbie to do at the house and hope to keep playing in a band other than school...

Schweitzer Mountian

Third of all and one of the best things id do is I love to ride wheather its on the Water, Mountian or Road all do it all day long. I surf, bike, and ski! #SchweitzerMountian I think Skiing at Schwitzer is my favorite but you can bike there to so its even better!

Thats my what about me and my life!