My 7th Grade Year
By: Savannah Brownfield

Top 10 Moments

1) Playing volleyball for my first sport at Kenston was an amazing expierence. It was awesome to hang out with my friends and play the sport I love. It was also a big deal to me because it was the first and only sport I played at Kenston. I'm super excited for next year.

2) Playing JO volleyball at AVC. I had an awesome year even though my team wasn't that great. Amy, Shelby and I always went to Starbucks and Chipotle after our Sunday practice. I got to be an outside hitter which was really fun. Amy passed for me in the back-row which was really cool.

That was the song we would always listen to at tournaments.

3) Camp was definitely the highlight of my 7th grade year. I loved my counselor and cabin. We had amazing times such as playing cards and volleyball. It is a time i will never forget! My counselor and I are like besties and talk all the time!! So glad I got to have this experience!!! You will love camp because I loved it and miss it a lot!! I wish it was longer!

Reunion with my favorite counselors!!

4) This year was also a big year because I became a teenager!! This was something my dad was dreading haha!!

Happy Birthday to you!!

5) Another big/fun time in my 7th grade year was going to Orlando in January! It was so much fun to just take a brake from school and hang with my family. I actually liked doing my homework on the plane! I love riding on planes and traveling. We went to Disney and in Disney we went to Epcot, Magic Kingdom,and Animal Kingdom. I had so much fun!!

6) The winter formal was also an awesome time again this year!!  I loved going over to Bella's house and getting ready with her! It was also really fun because her little brother was in 6th grade and he went to the formal! We took tons of pictures and had dinner. The formal itself was so fun! I had fun with every dance!

7) Opening my pool for the first time was so exciting because that meant warmer weather was here!! My sisters and I got waterproof cases so that we could take underwater pictures and videos. They were so much fun to take!!

8) Something I did over the summer before 7th grade was go to a Miranda Sings show. Miranda Sings is a girl who makes videos on YouTube that a lot of people (3 million) that watch her videos. They are very humorous and cute. Her show is where you get to meet her and watch her live! At this show, I also met her brother, sister in-law and their kids, Bailey, Jacob and Parker. I wish I could have meet the rest of her family!!

Me, Kelsey, Sydney, Chris ( Colleen/Miranda's brother) and Shelby.

9) Blossom time!!! I had so much fun at Blossom with my friends and family! I went on Friday and hung out with my friends. I didn't go on any rides because I don't think they are very stable. My friends and I walked around and hung out by the rocks of the falls. I also went on Saturday and hung with my family from Chicago. We had a lot of fun and it was great to see them after a few years!

10) Outsiders day was really fun! I loved the rumble and just seeing who decided to be a soc and who was a greaser, like me!! It was such a fun day to reflect the book. I was texting my friends before school and we were talking about the book and what we thought that activities were going to be.


1) Chuzzlewit's adventure: I had so much fun with activity starting with the note. Everyone was so into it which mad it so much fun! The first thing we had to do was wear white. Then when we got to class, we had to go to the library and get folders full of information. Afterwards we went to Mr. Kowalski's and had to see the ugly, Chuzzlewit. We had to listen to him talk for a while and then we went in the classroom. Our first activity was to build a train out of legos. We had 7 minutes but could not finish the task. Our next few activities were such as triangle folding, scrabble,and the stick and tennis ball.


Science: Science was my favorite class of the year. I had the best teacher, Mrs.Burton, and she made the class really easy to ace. Mrs.Burton gave out really easy worksheets and we rarely had homework. When you do have homework, it probably isn't had. A tip to acing Mrs.Burton's class is to study and do your homework. Also you should participate in class and do the extra credit she has on her website every week. Mrs. Burton provides a really fun class that you will want to ace! Have fun!

A la carte

Lunch: Lunch is as good or as bad as you make it. It is a nice to reflect on your day so far and catch up with your friends. This is a great time to talk about drama and gossip going around the school. Don't use your phones at the lunch table because they will be taken away. Lunch is also a great time to make new friends.


This is my precept for upcoming 7th graders:

The more questions you ask, the better prepared you will be.

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2 years ago

I like your pictures and your videos!! Nice hit😏

2 years ago

I love all the cool things! I also like your miranda lipstick! Your volleyball team is also really good.

2 years ago

Nice! Lots of good pictures and videos.

2 years ago

Nice job. Your great at volleyball.

2 years ago

Thank you for informing me about Miranda Sing. I had to look her up on You Tube. After watching 1:25 seconds of her trying to bake a cake, I had to stop. Job well done! Thanks for all your hard work this year.