Fight! Fight! Fight!
by, Kaitlyn Ng, Victoria Rice, Ember Hopkins, Kani Pragastis, Nicole Schaefer, & Arianna Ramirez

Failures at the Top

       In 1914, Wilhelm's men encouraged him to have a "preventive war" on Russia. Germany's heir to throne, Sarajevo, was also later killed. Germany issued the "blank cheque"-- promised to back up Austria-Hungary. Britain didn't want to enter at first because they were distracted by the possibility of a civil war with Ireland. The US didn't want to intervene at all.

Wanted: A world problem

       Britain was beginning to slowly lose power. The US had the chance to become the world's leading power. They were not really willing to do so(didn't want to o into the war) and they weren't really able to(dough boys). Roosevelt and Wilson both thought the US had a moral obligation to help the world. Soon, the US started to act a world policeman. An example of this was the aggression in Bosnia ended in 1995 when the US stepped in. The US is not as strong as it used to be. This is due to the setbacks after wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The U.S. also can't find many allies anymore.

Map of Allies

       On June 28th, 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie were shot in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina(Austrian-Hungarian empire). It was revealed that it was a Serbian boy of 19 who worked with the Black Hand that shot the heir to the throne. This later triggered World War I. One of the major events of World War I was the growing concept of Imperialism. Austria-Hungary declared war against Serbia after Serbia did meet their demands. Russia allied with Serbia, while Germany allied with Austria-Hungary. Germany then declared war against Russia. After Germany attacked France through Belgium, Britain allied with France and Russia against Germany. The  Ottoman Empire and Italy allied with the Germans, along with Bulgaria. Later, however, Italy switched sides and sided with the Allies. Japan and China then allied with Britain. In 1917, the United States began to involve itself in the war, along with Central and South American countries as well. When World War I ended, there were 16 million deaths and 39.5 casualties. There are even stripes that mark the Serbian alliances. The checkered marks showed the Austrian-Hungary alliances.

All About the Power

       Lesser powers can have unexpected consequences when outside powers choose to promote their own interests. Prior WWI, Russia chose to become Serbia's protector. Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, Germany and had to support Austria-Hungary, declared war on Russia (despite risk of a world war). France and Britain joined to fight alongside Russia due to the development of friendships and alliances. Nationalism threatens to draw in outside powers such as U.S., Turkey, Russia, and Iran. Alliances and friendships forged for defensive reasons or mutual advantage can look quite different from other perspectives. Before 1914 the great powers talked of their honor. Today U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry refers to America's credibility or prestige. It amounts to much the same thing. Since 1945 the world has seen far fewer wars between states and it has survived dozens of minor conflicts. "Europe has been afflicted by so many crisises, and the world order began to break down- with disastrous consequences. United Nations at times has intervened to maintain peace or restore it after war has broken out. We expect that the international community will deal with conflicts when they arise, and that they will be short-lived and easily containable. But this is not necessarily true.

        "The best guarantee of peace between the Great Powers is that they are all afraid of each other". We have entered a new and potentially perilous era in terms of military action. There are drawbacks and dangers to the wars being waged with conventional weapons. There are now 9 countries with nuclear arsenals, including Pakistan, a fractious if not failing state, and North Korea, which has proved itself as reckless as it is repressive. But even if all nations were to agree that nuclear war simply does not make sense, there are drawbacks and dangers to the wars being waged with conventional weapons, which many of our military leaders fail to understand. Like the world of 1914, we are living through changes in the nature of war whose significance we are only starting to grasp.

It's getting HEATED

As tensions rise between Germany, Austria-Hungary, Great Britain, Russia, and Italy, one cannot deny the fact that the world's nations were bound to face a world war. Globalization and nationalism both play an influential role in the rising force of war. Many say that the opposition among these European countries is originated from territorial dispute. Others disagree and believe that imperialism and militarism set the foundation of the war. "Was it caused by the overweening ambitions of some of the men in power at the time?... Or does the explanation lie in competing ideologies? National Rivalries?" There many be many plausible causes to the start of WWI. However, one event that can be given some of the credit that began all the bloodshed in the first place was the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria on June 28, 1914. Due to the fact that the assassin was Serbian, Austria refused to negotiate with its opposers and declared official war on July 28. This simple act of defiance and refusal to compromise was the final attempt at peace, as the war would only escalate from this point forward. Because Russia moved along Germany's border (in an attempt to mobilized towards the Russian-Austrian border), Germany officially declared war on Russia (and later, France). It seems that the dispute between Serbia and Austria caused an effect that fell upon other countries, forcing them to join in on the war. Therefore, there are now two clear sides to this war, which consists of the Central Powers (Germany and Austria Hungary) and the Allied Powers (Great Britain, France, and Russia). The only questions remaining are how much bloodshed will it take to end the war? And who will take the victory?

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