Difficulties throughout our hydraulic project

Throughout the process of building our hydraulic bridge my group and I suffered some considerable difficulties involving our first blueprint.

Some example are;

- When my group and I finished hot gluing the base and the supporting popsicle sticks together one of our group members lifted our project up about 3 inches above the desk to check its sturdiness when all of a sudden it fell apart. Although this really sucked our group worked through the problem and found out a way to fix it.

- Another problem that my group and I had was when we were almost half way done and then realized that we needed wooden cubes. Thankfully there was a generous teacher who was willing to lend us plastic cubes for our project.

- We did end up changing our first blueprint by adding 3 wooden cubes ( 1 on top of the other) in both of the corners on the left side along the popsicle sticks that were facing upwards.

We may have had a few problems during the construction of the hydraulic bridge but my group and I came out on top and fixed all the problems that we found. This was great and I'm feeling really good about our final project.

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