Piedmont Region

A great place for businesses and tourism

A major city in the Piedmont region that contains tourism attractions

Economic Activities:

If you move to this region you will have a larger percentage to get a job involving cars or airplanes. You could also create a mining business because of the large amount of granite in the region. Georgia's most famous peaches are grown here and poultry farming, which could help you have a good investment of farming.


This is a great region to visit. You can visit the major cities such as Athens, Atlanta, Augusta, or Macon. As well as some of the attractions within or around these regions such as The World of Coke, The Georgia Aquarium, The Georgia Dome, Stone Mountain, Six flags, and much more.

The World of Coke is located in the Piedmont region,and is a tourist attraction.
The Chattahoochee runs through the Piedmont Region, and is a major fishing area.

Physical features: Piednont region is located in mid- Georgia.  The Chattahoochee River on the west side of Gergia. It separates Georgia from Alabama. Also the Savannah River runs on the east side of Georgia,and seperates Georgia from South Carolina.

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