Reform Movements Book

By Anna Berumen


This reform came about when people thought that the way they were living was immoral and that God wouldn't bless them anymore. This movement hoped that they could reduce the amount of alcohol consumption across the US.It caused an amendment to be made to the Bill of Rights to stop alcoholic beverages to be made in 1919. However due to the 21st amendment in 1933 the beverages were able to be made again.

Prison & Asylum Reform

A young woman named Dorothea Dix who had a passion for teaching managed to make his reform emerge when she stated that when you better conditions for inmates, their mental conditions weren't incurable. She knew that others disagreed and thought that they couldn't be changed, but she thought they might change if they grew from their bad choices if they had better things ahead of them.The movement hoped to have the mentally ill become more sane again.A few people who were already involved were John Galt and Louis Dwight.Her many efforts helped accomplish building mental institutions all across America, for those who needed major mental attention, and was a main role in creating libraries in prisons.


This reform occurred when many people were strongly lacking education. That meant they couldn't get a job, therefore they couldn't get money and were very poor because of it. Some people also only went to school for MAYBE ten weeks per year.Many people believed that they could fix the money issues amongst people if their children received a better education. But first, they had to find a way to make that change. They managed to have children go to school for free with parts of the tax money collected. Which meant that by the people coming together, schools could buy things to better the education.Some famous people who helped make this movement grow were Horace Mann and Prudence Candall.This movement made teachers receive a higher income, and students managed to get a better education.

Women's Rights

This reform emerged when women all over felt like they were being treated very poorly and felt like they deserved more respect than what they were receiving. Women all over America hoped that it would help them gain the respect and to be treated equally by men. A few famous people in this reform were Lucretia Mott, Elizabeth Cady, and Susan B. Anthony. They all helped lead women into gaining strength to stand up for what they believed in. They helped create many movements and speeches which has given women and opportunity to be treated as equal as men are.


This reform emerged when people started to get very tired of how poorly African Americans were being treated. They hoped that this movement would create equality amongst all people of America. A few famous people who helped lead this movement were Fredrick Douglas and William Lloyd. They started movements all over America to help them understand equality. This movement helped some women to stand up for what they believed as well and helped reduce the amount of slavery in the northern states.

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