Reminders, Ideas, and Thoughts to Ponder...

1. Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it. –Charles Swindoll

2. At Ferguson, we believe:

  • in building authentic respectful relationships. (taken from our belief statements)

What does this look like in action for you?

3. Reminders:

- Please bring your emergency protocol booklets with you outside during any outside evacuations. 

4. Seen and Heard Around the Building:

-A second grade teacher set up all her parent conferences using a Google Calendar. With minimal set-up time on her part, her parents were able to respond and sign up for conferences right from their phones or computers without delay. She was then able to save time on her end with scheduling by linking that straight to her Outlook calendar and sending an email confirmation. Innovative AND a time saver!

-A fourth grade teacher was making the reading and writing connection very clear for students addressing good writing craft and author’s purpose as well as getting major bang for her buck with teaching kids to write complex sentences AND get authentic grades at the same time. Teaching kids to think smarter not harder as well as doing it herself!

- A first grade teacher used her cell phone to reward positive dojo points to her students in the hallway for respectful behavior. The power of positive reinforcement and with no verbal reminders, necessary.  Wow!

- A special education paraprofessional attending professional learning after school, off the clock, to better be able to support our students with general education instructional practices in inclusion. 

- 166 excited students about READING during our summer readers celebration!

- A fourth grade teacher found an innovative way to keep observations going during a science experiment with no electricity by passing out flashlights to each group.  Instruction never stopped!

- Our cafeteria staff never quit smiling even in the face of no electricity 2 days in a row as they are working to prep meals!  They aren't going to let anything bring them down!

- A teacher initiating her own research on autism to help an identified student who is struggling.  Talk about ownership, initiative, and self direction.  The teachers' exact comments were- "Perhaps I just don't know enough yet about how he learns to help him be successful, but it's my job to figure it out, not somebody else's to do for me. These challenges bring me back each year!" In awe...  goose bumps...

- A first grade teacher who has decided that to keep her students motivated and engaged in writing, she will allow each student to publish and celebrate when they are complete, as opposed to whole class celebrations.  What a way to reinforce that learning happens at any time, place, or pace. 

- A PE paraprofessional who has recognized the link between engagement and behavior...  She is keeping them busy so they will stay out of trouble.  What she doesn't realize is in turn, she is giving them a chance to FEEL successful, needed, and valued. 

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