A Bright Place to Live?

It's Cleveland, Ohio.

World Wildlife Fund Honors Cleveland for Choosing 100% Renewable Electricity

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) honored the city of Cleveland today with its “Bright Place to Live” award for helping city residents access 100% renewable electricity.

“While other cities like San Francisco have stalled in their renewable energy initiatives, Cleveland has powered ahead,” said Keya Chatterjee, director of renewable energy and footprint outreach at WWF. “Cleveland is proving to its citizens, the nation, and the world that clean and renewable energy is the reliable, practical, and economical choice.”

“I’d like to thank WWF for recognizing that Cleveland is on a pathway to a sustainable future,” said Cleveland mayor Frank Jackson. “Everything we do as a city should have a direct benefit for our citizens, our local economy, and our world. Choosing 100% renewable electricity, at a significant cost savings, is a perfect example of how these goals can all work together.”

Approximately 60,000 Cleveland residences and small businesses are participating in the community aggregation program, one of the first outcomes in the city’s Climate Action Plan. Participants will receive a 21% savings on their electricity bills, made possible by leveraging group buying power.

As part of the Earth Hour City Challenge, WWF awarded the City a $30,000 grant to support to create the Climate Action Toolkit, create a short film about climate action in Cleveland, and sponsor this week’s 5th Annual Sustainable Cleveland 2019 Summit.

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