Regalo Studios

     Contemporary & Sacred
Fine Art Mosaics
by Barbara King

                                                  Creations in glass in the Texas Hill Country

Regalo Studios is a mosaic studio specializing in contemporary and sacred artworks.  These works are composed of a wide variety of materials: Italian and Mexican smalti, glazed and unglazed ceramic, natural pebble and stone, art glass, and recycled glass.  I offer works of mosaic art for sale and create custom works on commission. For more information, please contact me at  Member of the Society of American Mosaic Artists.                                                         

              Above:  Regalo Studios.   3rd Thumbnail:  My visit to the Vatican Mosaic Studio in Rome where I had the opportunity to meet the maestros at work. Their smalti inventory includes a treasure trove of more than 30,000 colors!

"After Mondrian", 2011. 14.5" X 9.5". Italian smalti. This piece is a re-creation of the work of the famed Piet Mondrian (1872 - 1944). His "Composition II in  Red, Blue, and Yellow" was painted in 1930. Private collection.

"Cross II", 2009.  10" X 10".  Mexican Talavera pottery shards on a ground comprised of unglazed Portugese Cinca ceramic, ironstone base.  Private collection.

"Mi Prado", 2009.  8" X 10".  Italian smalti.  Private collection.

"Gustav's Garden, After Klimt", 2009.  8.5" X 8.5".  Antique found glass from an abandoned glassworks in the Ohio River Valley, art glass, millifiori, smalti, glass rod.  This work is an interpretation of "Garden Path with Chickens" by Gustav Klimt, 1916.  The original oil on canvas was destroyed by fire at Immendorf Palace in 1945.  AVAILABLE.

"Cross I", 2008.  9" X 12".  Glazed Mexican Talavera pottery shards on natural sandstone.  SOLD.

           "Love Never Fails", 2013. 6.5" X 15.5". Art glass and millifiori with glass rod on tempered glass. Transparent glass provides contrast to the blue opalescent ground. Private collection.

"Spine", 2011.  10" X 10".  Canadian black and white marble with slate border.  Private collection.

"Revelation", 2009. 14" X 28". Italian and gold smalti, recycled and vitreous glass, and turquoise. This 4000-piece work is an interpretation of Revelation 22:1-2:

"Then he showed me the river of water of life, bright as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb through the middle of the street of the city; also, on either side of the river, the tree of life with its twelve kinds of fruit, yielding its fruit each month; and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of nations..."

This work was shown at the 2010 Sacred Art Gallery Exhibit (Austin), 2011 Round Rock Public Library Show, and Main Street Coffee (Marble Falls). SOLD.

Detail, "Sunflowers", 2008. 15" X 18". Vitreous and recycled glass on concrete ground. Private collection.

"Croce e Pietre", 2013. 13" X 17". Glazed ceramic on natural sandstone. SOLD.

Detail, "Come, Holy Spirit", 2011. Two - 20" X 30" panels. Art glass on tempered glass with gold smalti. The photo depicts the 2010 work-in-progress of the left panel. The finished panels can be viewed as part of a permanent installation in the adoration chapel of the Chapel of the Holy Spirit, Eagle's Wings Retreat Center, Burnet, Texas.

"Asian Spring", 2011.  8" X 14".  Found antique glass and art glass on tempered glass.  Inspired by a bit of antique lavender glass discovered at the "7J" Ranch homesteaded in Llano County in 1871.

These garden balls are a blast to make and add whimsy and color to this Central Texas landscape!

"Journey of Faith", 2013. 13" X 19". This work; composed of Mexican smalti, copper wire, vitreous and recycled glass, glass gems, and reverse gold leaf; chronicles our faith journey in an array of color and movement. Private collection.

"The Journey", 2013. 22" X 22". Created as part of a collaborative teaching course led by Regalo, the work is a study in composition, color and texture modeled after the manner of I. Shafir. Materials include sandstone, river stone, opalescent molded glass, recycled bottle glass, agate, art glass, broken glazed pottery, limestone, hand-formed pottery, antique found glass, & Italian smalti. The semi-circular heavenly body is comprised of Cretaceous dolomite recovered during the drilling of a West Texas oil well. Mysterious, peaceful, and dynamic, the work contrasts the tactile world of the here-and-now with the search for a higher power.

"Ravenna, I'll never be the same again!"  These were the words I uttered upon completing the 5-day intensive course of the Ravenna Mosaic School run by Luciana Notturni.  The goal of the course is to train artists to make copies of ancient mosaics using techniques invented centuries ago.  The style of my work and tools and techniques I use have been greatly influenced by my time in Ravenna. 

"Lilies of St. Apollinare Nuovo", 2014.  10.5" X 13".  Italian smalti and gold.  This work, created at the Ravenna Mosaic School, is a copy of a classical mosaic found in the 6th century Basilica of St. Apollinare Nuovo.  The motif is a group of lilies found near the feet of the male martyrs depicted along the south side of the nave.  This type of lily, now extinct, once grew along rivers of the Mediterranean.  The work was created in the double-reverse method, and the smalti was cut using hammer and hardie.  Collection of the artist.

"Leaves of Luciana", 2014.  7.5" X 7.5".  Natural stone, smalti, gold.  The method used was direct in cement.  Once the glass and stones were set, the cement was patinated using a watercolor wash and the piece treated with colorless wax to enhance the appearance of the stone.  Collection of the artist.

"A Twist of Time", 2014.  11" X 14".  Cinca unglazed porcelain.  This is a copy of a classical Roman mosaic; the original can be found at Musee' Rolin in Autun, France.

"As Beautiful As You", 2015.  18" X 24".  An exciting rendition of the much-loved work of Vincent Van Gogh.

"The Gift", 2015.  13.5" X 18".  Created as a prayer during Lenten Season 2015.  AVAILABLE.

"Journey to the Cross", 2016.  13" X 19".  Created expressly for the Helping Center of Marble Falls to support its cause in feeding the less fortunate among us.  SOLD.

"Self", 2016.  10" diameter.  Classical mosaic artists often explore the theme of the human eye.  Upon receiving a texted picture of this work, my daughter texted back, "Is that you?  It looks just like you!"

"Taste and See", 2016.  36" X 42".  This work adorns the chapel of the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, Georgetown, Texas.  It was an honor and a pleasure to create this for the Sisters.  GIFTED.

"Small Featherleaf Bowl", 2016.  7.5" diameter X 2" high.  This bowl was a pleasure to make and is constructed on Moroccan unglazed ceramic.  The pattern was conceived in the city of Fes during a painting workshop.

"Perm I", 2009.  10" X 10".  The word "perm" is an abbreviation of the word "permeability", the capacity of fluid to flow through a seemingly-solid material.  The diagonal composition and rich texture provide the sensation of dynamic movement through porous media.  This work is composed of Mexican smalti, art glass, glass gems, and high-fired unglazed Portugese ceramic.  AVAILABLE.

I experienced the opportunity of a lifetime to practice the ancient art of "zellij" with this maallem ("master") in Marrakesh, Morocco.  Thank you, Cooperative Artisanale El Badia des Zelligeurs!

Works in Progress

My work is a labor of love.

Thank you for allowing me to share my passion with you.

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