The First World War

The assassination of the Archduke of Austria-Hungary, Franz Ferdinand, sparked the start of WWI #sparkofthewar #assassination #thedukeisdead
Machine gunners wearing gas masks defend their position, heavy machine guns and gases were new technologies in WWI #machinegun #gaswars
A U.S. Navy "observation balloon" scans the waters for any threat as a fleet of steam ships comes into view #technology #innovation
A photograph of soldiers making their way through the trenches, two soldiers are also shown going "over the top" #trenchlife #overthetop
A crowded medic tent in WWI, displaying the large-scale disaster the war caused #disease #totalwar #WIA #downbutnotout
After the Germans forced their way through Belgium to attack Northern France from the North, it left Belgium in a state of desolation #brute
A factory in North America shows that even though these workers were across the pond, they still made a huge impact on the war #totalwar
With machinery, mines, and destruction everywhere, the citizens of the nations involved in WWI had to restart their lives #desolation

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