Water Profile For Syria

This graph shows the populations of Syria, Turkey, and Iraq. Turkey has 62% and Syria at the lowest with 14%. Iraq has 25%.

This is important, to the division of the water because, the higher the population, the higher the water need. As pointed out, Turkey has the highest population, so turkey has the highest water need, where as Syria does not need as much.

This Graph shows the future populations. Turkey and Syria will slightly grow in the future, where as Iraq will massively grow by 2050

Growing populations lead to higher water need. In the future the water needs of all the countries will go up if the population goes up. Iraq is an example of a larger popultion and one that will grow immensely. In the future Iraq will need more water leaving less for Turkey and Syria. Their populations will also increase, but since Iraq will need a higher percentage of the water they will not receive as much.

Syria withdraws 19.95 cubic km in total, and 26.26 cubic km renewable water. They have a sufficient amount of water, and use a lot too.

Since Syria has a large supply of renewable water, in the future when the populations grow, Syria will have a supply to work with. They do use a lot of water, but the renewable water will prove useful in the future.

The majority of the water in Syria comes from external sources, yet Syria also gets water from inside the country too.

In the future Syria will have to find an alternative water source to supply their growing population, or continue to rely on other countries to give water to the.

This graph shows what Syria uses water on. A lot of the water is for agriculture, and a very small amount is left for industry and domestic.

Agricultural needs outway other costs. In the future the industry and domestic areas might need more attention if Syria wants to become a better country.

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