52 IN 52

The 52 Albums that define my love for music

Week 51/Album 51

Who: Dear Landlord - "Dream Homes"

When: 2010

Why: I found this record and it was everything I love about punk rock.  This record would define my times in a house located at 9611 Clifton Blvd.  This record showed up right in the thick of my time in that house.

Where: I've seen DL a couple times, and they're one of the most fun shows I have seen since AVAIL.


Dear Landlord's "Dream Homes" LITERALLY sums up, and reminds me of my life from 2009-2012.  Living in a house with a revolving door with alot of great fun people, just having a great and care-free time. Theme parties, porch beers, bike rides, comics and movies, porch beers, relationships coming and going, floods, fights, porch beers, giant spiders, music, stolen furniture, late night door knocks and High Life Points everywhere.  Its ironic that this band is called Dear Landlord because of how much we hated our landlord, and how I had actually become one.  Regardless, this record and those people, times and places go hand in hand. Made some great and terrible memories in that house. All in all it was a very fun experience, and I am grateful to have lived through all of it, and have the friends I do because of it.