by Matthew Patterson

like a boss

During the meditation i felt like i was in a distant place far far away. I felt like i could just relax and have nothing bother me. I dreamed of a beautiful garden and lake that went in every direction in front of me. We did sitting meditation to learn how to meditation. Then we did laying meditation and i fell a sleep.

meditation-To have a empty calm mind. And to be breathing deep.

mantra - Something to be said to help concentrate on meditating like om

deep breathing - long amounts of breathing to oxygenate your blood.

before we started the meditation i was thinking it was going to be fun and i thought that i would fall a sleep. And i did. During the meditation it was very calm and quit. Now i always meditate before bed. Now if brother is trying to annoy me i just go into my room and meditate. also if i just had a bad day i just go into a quit place and meditate.

my animal friend

me at the end of class

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