What Makes You Happy?

1984 project.

Many people are found to be happier when they have certain freedoms and are not completely told what to do and how to do it, but in the book 1984 everyone was told what to do and how it had to be done, which could be why they are not very happy.


Another thing that can make you happy is having some money, not too much money but just enough to help you with the things you need.

Studies show that people with a religious background or that attend a church are more happy those than those who do not attend.

People who have goals and have a job that they like or even maybe love are typically happier than those who go to a job that they dislike.

When you are in love or love someone you tend to be a happier person, which in the book 1984 wasn't the case, they were filled with anger and hate and didn't really know how to live

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