The case of the missing world series ring

By:Thomas W. And Moustafa E.

An unexpected lost ring

It was just a regular night for David ortiz, when he looked in his case in his room and he noticed he was missing something. Then all he saw was a man with a large tattoo down his arm run out of the room. He had lost the ring!!!! The mysterious man had stole the ring! He was getting to think a Cardinal player stole it because they were jelous they won the world series ring.


David Ortiz-Hey my name is David Ortiz and I am born in Las Vegas,Nevada . I am born in 1975 November 18, and I am one of the greatest detective in the country. I am a fan in base ball especially the Red Sock.

Pete Kozma -hey my name is Pete Kozma I am one of the best detectives in the world. I am from Chicago, Illinois. I am a huge Pittsburgh Pirates. I was born on , 1984


Mike Trout-Good friend but sometimes a criminal like,22 years old.

Chris Carpenter- He is sneaky, and he is very suspicious,38 years old.

Custodian- Long black hair, and steels stuff when cleaning,47 years old.

Bryce Harper- Medium size man(6,3) large tattoo down his arm,21 years old.



Mike Trout-He was out with his teammates at a dinner downtown.

Chris Carpenter-He was at his mothers house because his grandmother died last Monday.

Custodian-He was putting in new bases.

Bryce Harper-He was practicing on the field.


Mike Trout-He was jealous that Adam Wainwright won the championship.

Chris Carpenter-He didn't like Adam Wainwright because he had a better ERA then him.

Custodian- He was jealous he didn't make it to the major leagues

Bryce Harper- They got beat by the Cardinals in the playoffs.

The Story

CRACK!!!!! CRACK!!!! CRACK!!!! Bryce Harper was hitting baseball's on the field in a hot day like Babe Ruth.

David Ortiz was getting very worried. He looked everywhere and it was nowhere to be found.

"Someone must have stole it," David Ortiz said "I saw a good friend of mine named Pete Kozma. I told him about the situation and he said he would help me. He asked me when did you find it missing. I came home and I found it missing."

"Who is your suspects?" Pete Kozma asked.

"Mike Trout, Chris Carpenter, The custodian, and Bryce Harper," David Ortiz answered.

"What did they look like?" Pete Kozma said.

Mike Trout is a good friend but sometimes criminal like and 22 years old brown short hair . Chris Carpenter is very sneaky and suspicious and he is 36 years old really light blond hair . The custodian has long black hair,and steals stuff when he is cleaning. And Bryce Harper medium sized man(6,1)large tattoo down his arm, and about 21 years old blonde hair. David Ortiz said.

''Are you sure you think these are your suspects'' Pete Kozma said .

Yes David Ortiz said. Well lets take a look at these suspects.

''I will go ask where they were the night of the crime," Pete Kozma said.

Pete Kozma asked Mike Trout," Where were you the night of the missing world series ring.

"I was out at a dinner with the teammates downtown" Mike Trout said.

Pete Kozma asked Chris Carpenter''Where were you the night of the missing world series ring''?

''I was at my mothers house because my grandmother died last Monday'', Chris Carpenter said.

Pete Kozma asked the custodian",Where were you the night of the missing world series ring.

'' I was putting new bases on the field'', said the custodian.

Pete Kozma asked Bryce Harper '',Where were you the night of the missing world series ring.

'' I was on the field practicing'' He said.

okay Mr. Ortiz I think that's all I need.


Who stole the world series ring?

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