Difference between the book and the movie  of Ender's Game.

By: Shelby Hurlbut and Bailey Ulmer

Differences between the Movie

We think the movie was really funny and the book didn't have that many jokes.

Petra and Alia came and helped Ender finish his battle during Dragon Army.  

Peter was barely even in the movie! The movie didn't even talk or show Valentine and Peter writing the articles as Demosthenes and Locke!

There was only two battles in the battle room. One during Salamander Army and Dragon Army. We really liked watching the battles and wish they had more. We would of loved the movie even more!

Difference between the book

We think that the book was very different from the movie because the book was more descriptive than the movie.  

We don't like how the book didn't say Anderson was a girl.    

Ender and his army also failed one of their practice battles but they never did in the book.

Also, in the movie, Ender called for help when he beat up Bonzo. But in the book Alia grabbed Ender after he knocked him out.  

What Characters we would change in the Movie

If we could re-write the movie, we would change the actors for Dap, Anderson, and Petra. We would change Dap because we imaged him as a girl.

We still can't get over the fact that Anderson was a girl in the movie because we saw her as a guy.

Petra seemed tougher in the book and not as pretty. We saw her as a Ginger not a brunette.

In conclusion, we didn't really like the movie because it didn't follow the book. It would of been a long movie if they put EVERY detail in the movie but it also would of been better!