The Year of the Dog
By: Grace Lin

Red eggs

In The Year of the Dog, the main character is Pacy. Pacy's cousin was just born. The Chinese tradition is to have a red egg party for new born babies. It symbolizes good luck for them. It's a time for your family to get together,  hangout and celebrate the new addition to the family.


In the book , Melody and Pacy  entered  the school's science contest . Their experiment was to see how a plant would grow if they watered it with something besides water.  They used ginger ale, orange juice, and plain milk. The plants didn't seem to grow.


The school play was The Wizard of Oz. Pacy has to try out for the play unless she wants to be part of the stage crew. Pacy dreams to be Dorthy. When she finds out she didn't get the part she gets upset. She thinks she didn't get it because their is no such thing as a Chinese Dorthy. Melody tells her thats not true.


In Pacy's favorite subject art, she got an assignment that made her think outside the box. The class had to write a story about anything they could imagine or something that has happened in their lives. She wrote about the Chinese vegetables and although they're yummy she thinks they are very ugly. Her book, The Ugly Vegetables won 4th place in the national awards contest.


It's The Chinese new year and the year of the dog.  This is supposed to be a lucky year for Pacy and her family. Pacy's mom hangs up a red sign that says good luck.  She hung it upside down because it means luck has already come into their house. When the year comes to an end, they invite Melody's family to celebrate with them.

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