European Exploration

                                                                  John Cobat

If you send me now, I can set sail in 1497, and the other countries will be too late. We would set sail at England and head to the new land. I am begging you King Henry VII, please send me to there. I will collect all you want, from gold and resources, to wealth and power. If you send me, I will give you 50% of the profits. It would make you even more rich. We would go to the best place of the new land. We will go north and call it Canada. It will be full of people we can enslave and make them believe in Christianity and work for us. Even though French and Spain are coming to, they won't have to collect stuff, because we already got all of it. The other Europeans are looking to spread their Christianity and look for resources too. If we come in contact with them, we will compromise and find a way not to lead to bloodshed. It could take months to travel, and people would be bored, but we could keep them entertained with music and be entertained. Therefore, you should send me to the new world, because we are the best and strongest of the three countries traveling there. If we do this correctly we would be superior and epic like a boss. I would be?

It will all be your biggest dream come true. If you send me, I can make money rain all over you.

All hail King Henry VII!

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