WWWeb Wonders

Hi Wedgwood!  Need a few fun sites for the upcoming holidays?  Valentine's Day and Presidents' Day activities are featured in this edition of WWWeb Wonders!

Hip Pocket change is a site of the U.S. Mint.  Answer questions about the presidents that are featured on different coins!  This is fun to play and would make a great whole-group learning activity!

To use the Kids Portrait site below, project the site to your whiteboard for a whole class activity. Read through the clues to learn more about George Washington, and see if your students can figure out what's missing from the portrait. Each clue reveals another hidden object and more fun facts about George!

Below is a great video from Scholastic News called Two Great Presidents!  This one is awesome for young children!

The link below is from Scholastic, and it's called: Presidents' Day-Everything You Need.  

I always find a lot of good activities for all age levels at Activity Village.  Check out the site below and all of the types of activities and printables that are there!

Want some random games that your students can play on laptops?  Just give them the link to this site.  Here's a shortened link you can give:  http://goo.gl/hBy3xz