4.01 Portfolio: Manufactured Fibers

Details: Made from coal or petroleum
Characteristics: Strong & blended well, wrinkle,shrink, & stretch resistant,  washable, & static buildup
Uses: Children wear, shirts, & suits


Details: 1st fiber to be made by chemicals
Characteristics: very strong, durable, dries quickly, wrinkle & soil resistant, wash easily, & clings to body
Uses: hosiery, swimwear, windbreaker


Details: Resembles wool,
Characteristics:soft, warm, bulky yet lightweight, quick dry, strong & wrinkle resistant
Uses: terry cloth, bathrobes, garments, & furniture


Details: None
Characteristics: soft, absorbent, comfortable,
Uses: linings, sports jackets, shirts


Details: very versatile, inexpensive and easy to dye
Characteristics: silky, luxurious, luster, & soft
Uses: neckties, lingerie, blouses, linings


Details; Ability to stretch
Characteristics: Chlorine damage, soft, lightweight, durable, & resistant
Uses: Swimwear, dance wear, & exercise wear