Provincial Nomination Program for Express entry in Canada -Explained by Apex Visas

The incessant work hysteria and the maniacal frenzy attached with the unnerving life of a metropolitan are potent enough to throw anyone off balance. The frazzled and cortisol increasing atmosphere of such cities leaves a person bereaved of the mental calm. But come to Canada and peace will be a luxury you can easily afford. The country has a robust economy and the second highest standard of living among G-20 nations. And with Apex Visas’ expert guidance, migrating to Canada will not be much of a difficulty.

Express entry is an electronic application management system that aims to facilitate and expedite efficient processing of Canada’s various immigration programs. Express Entry allows a candidate to apply for immigration through various means. One of those means is Provincial Nomination Program. Under PNP (Provincial Nomination Program), a province can nominate a candidate who is interested in migrating to Canada and settling in a particular province and is a part of the Express Entry Pool. Each province has its own nomination program which helps a great deal in expediting the permanent residency for an applicant.

Quite recently, various new provinces have been added to PNP including Saskatchewan. The provinces have their own criteria for picking the applicants. An applicant, if nominated by a province, gets an additional 600 points on the Comprehensive Ranking System score. Various provinces consider work experience as an important parameter for nominating a candidate, with Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island, Manitoba and Nova Scotia as exceptions. Saskatchewan accepts 775 applicants without a job offer and Nova Scotia accepts 350 such candidates. If selected for PR through PNP, the applicant is to live in that particular province.

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