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The colors of the Norwegian flag are believed to have been influenced by the flags of France, the United States and Britain and are considered the colors of liberty and independence. The cross is common to most Scandinavian flags, and represents Norway's link to the other Scandinavian countries.


Norway is a country located in Northern Europe on the western and northern part of the Scandinavian Peninsula, bordering the North Sea in southwest and the Skagerrak inlet to the south, the North Atlantic Ocean (Norwegian Sea) in the west and the Barents Sea to the northeast.

Latitude and longitude

61.0000° N, 8.0000° E

Physical Geography

Norway's landforms consist mainly eroded, rounded mountains and plateaus and innumerable valleys. Many of the mountains reach elevations of 4,000 to 6000 feet (1,220 to 1,830 m); Galdhöpiggen, the highest, rises 8,166 feet (2,489 m) above sea level. Some of the mountainous areas are capped by snow fields and glaciers. Probably the most beautiful landforms are the great fjords on the jagged west and north coasts.There are a large amounts of lakes and streams in many parts of Norway. Few of the lakes are of impressive size; the largest, Lake Mjösa, covers about 140 square miles (360 k2 The longest river, the Glomma, is about 370 miles (600 km) in length.


7,000 B.C- People arrive in Norway

3,000 B.C- Farming begins in Norway

1015-1030-Olaf Haraldson rules Norway

1217-1263-Haakon IV rules Norway

1319-Norway is temporarily united with Sweden

1898-All men are given the right to vote

1905-Norway becomes independent from Sweden

1913-Women in Norway are allowed to vote


Norway is a monarchy in which the power is divided between three branches: a legislative branch which is also responsible for appropriations, the Storting; an executive branch, the Government; and a judicial branch, the courts.Norway has no president, since the country is a monarchy, so there is a prime minister, Jens Stoltenberg, and a king, King Harald V.

King Harald V.


Population total-5,074,791

Population of males-50.1%

Population of females-49.9%

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