How Americans are Represented in
Super Size Me

In the documentary Super Size me, by Morgan Spurlock, he is explaining how obesity is sweeping the country off its feet. Many people say that obesity is an ever climbing problem in America. Currently one-third of American adults are obese and the figure is slowly rising. During the documentary Spurlock went and spoke to lots of health professionals and what they were explaining is that fast food is very unhealthy and if you constantly eat it will deteriorate your health. He calculated that the average office worker takes around 5000 steps a day, which is 3.81 Kilometers. With the fast food that they generally eat, 5000 steps is not enough exercise to work off all the calories that comes with the food. So the average American limits themselves to not a lot of exercise and a lot of fast food, which over time will destroy their health and intern will make them eventually become obese. Spurlock explains that "At 27 days of eating MacDonald’s straight, most nutritionists say that you have eaten around 8 years’ worth of fast food" (at 5.40 mins in the youtube video). In the documentary a man lost a lot of weight by eating subway (which is a healthier option of the two). What the man did was very inspirational to lots of people and lots of people are starting to choose the healthier option.

Personally I know that some Americans are Obese and it is there fault, but them able to fix that. It is possible by eating healthier and doing some exercise will help people get there health back and them happier and a much better feeling person. If they set a scheme and set up a goal for them to lose weight it will let them have less of a chance of them developing medical problems and give them a better chance at life. How would it be the best and or easiest way for people to get over there problem of eating too much?

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