Absolute Value
Application Problems


There are five questions on the board. Log in to Google Classroom and answer the five questions on the Warm-Up form (Remember to look in "About")


Station Rotation

Today there are 4 Stations.

Stations can be visited in any order.

Work with your partner at each station.

Pay close attention to your work and to the time.

Stations should not take more than 15 minutes.


Station #1  Quiz

Follow the instructions given in class.  When your quiz is complete, get immediate feedback from your teacher.  Then continue working on the remaining stations.


Station #2 What's the Specifications?

In math, these are known as "tolerance" problems.

Your turn!


Station #3 Pool Table Math

It's all about the angles ... and the magic "V" shape!


Your Turn


Station #4 Panther on the Prowl

Putting together your graphing and solving skills in this last scenario!


Reflection Time

We've discussed all of our goals for this unit on absolute value.  We have one more lesson day but it will be on a different but related topic.  Think about these goals.  Which ones are strengths?  Which ones need to be strengthened?

  • I can graph an absolute value function.
  • I can explain the effects of the parameters, a, b, c, d (or h, k) on a graph.
  • I can identify the domain and range of an absolute value function using interval notation, inequalities, or set notation.
  • I can analyze the key attributes of the graph of an absolute value function.
  • I can formulate and solve absolute value equations.
  • I can formulate and solve absolute value inequalities.
  • I can solve and interpret a solution in problem situations using absolute value functions.

What steps can you take to ensure that you know these topics at a deep level?


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